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TENA ProSkin Super Briefs

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TENA ProSkin Super Briefs

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Regular price $9.99
Regular price $19.49

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TENA® PROskin® Briefs are designed for comfort because they are 100% breathable to help your skin’s natural protection. They are also designed for security with hook tapes that are easily adjus. . .
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Gender: Men / Women / Unisex
Product Type: Briefs
Incontinence Level: Heavy
Incontinence Type: Urinary
Main Color: White
Absorbency Level: 8 (Heavy)
Usage: Disposable
Manufacturer: Tena

Fit Information

Medium/R: 34" - 47" (inch) / 86 cm - 119 cm
Large: 48" - 59" (inch) / 122 cm - 150 cm
XL: 60" - 64" (inch) / 152 cm - 163 cm

How to Use

To put an incontinence brief on yourself:

1. Unfold the brief and lay it flat.
2. Step into the brief or slide it under yourself if lying down.
3. Pull the brief up between your legs.
4. Adjust the brief around the waist and hips.
5. Secure the hook tapes/fasteners/tabs on both sides to ensure a snug fit.

To put an incontinence brief on someone else:

1. Unfold the brief and spread it out.
2. Have the person lie on their side.
3. Place the brief under them, ensuring the larger pad is at the back.
4. Roll the person back onto the brief.
5. Pull the front part up through the legs.
6. Adjust for comfort around the waist and hips.
7. Fasten the hook tapes/tabs securely on both sides.
8. Use wetness indicators to check when it needs to be replaced.