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Welcome to our new website!

If you already have a subscription or an existing account with us, please create a new password to access your history.

  • To do so, click on the My Account page.
  • Just below the login button, Click on Sign Up.
  • Enter your old name and email address, and then pick a new password.
  • Visit your inbox to Activate your new account and you are done!
  • Your account will now be reactivated, and you should see your order and subscription history.

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Other frequently asked questions

We unfortunately cannot issue a refund on orders placed in other stores, so if you did not buy directly from Tena.US you will need to take the order back to the store you purchased from to process a return through them.

We recommend calling customer service, and they can help you get the correct item.

The products on our website are specifically the retail brand items, which are not always covered under every insurance agency, We recommend contacting your insurance company or calling the support line for the healthcare products to find a supplier near you that can provide healthcare items.

While we do not have a large assortment of colors, we are now offering the men's light guard, and the women's stylish black underwear to give our customers more options when wearing discreet protection.

We can certainly try and find your order information if you have purchased from us directly in the past two years. Unfortunately we do not have any information if you purchased through another website such as Amazon or Walmart.

Our Intimates line of product has been redesigned into our Sensitive Care line to provide better skincare and comfort.

Our Stylish underwear is currently only single use, but we recommend our partners at Knix for washable women's underwear.

WE do have many things that Amazon sells; however, if you keep getting a product you do not expect, it may be because you are buying an item from our healthcare line of products through a healthcare reseller.

While Tena products do not have wings, we do have extra coverage models to help with right-sizing our products for our needs. If you find that pads without wings do not work for you for overnight protection, you may want to consider switching to our overnight underwear models.

We do not have any specific discounts that are exclusive to only seniors, but we recommend signing up for our emailed newsletter to get notifications on sales and exclusive Tena rewards deals.

You can view your history through your my account page online.

Additional questions?

Contact us. We're here to help you.