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Peter's Story

I realized my urinary leakage problem might be more of an inconvenience than I wanted to admit. Peter, 58

What can I say? I've always been a very outgoing guy who loves a full calendar when I'm not working. But when I realized that I was suffering from urinary leakage, I thought I had to give up socializing.

I don't always necessarily do something spectacular everyday, but I enjoy trying new restaurants or simply meeting my friends for a beer at the bar.

Unfortunately, enjoying myself in the company of others wasn't exactly the easiest thing when I was constantly thinking about if I would need to go soon. What if the bathrooms were far away, and what if there was a line when I finally got there?

I started making excuses not to join up for beers or meeting up too far away from home. I didn't want to add fuel to the fire by drinking liquids and I wasn't sure if I could hold it in until I reached a bathroom if the place was too far way. Eventually, I tried drinking less water daily so I wouldn't need to urinate as much but that just gave me headaches.

I realized my urinary leakage problem might be more of an inconvenience than I wanted to admit. Then one day something happened on my way home from work. I had an odd sensation and felt my pants getting wet. Luckily I had just gotten out of the car and was only minutes away from home where I could change. After that I wasn't very interested in socializing away from home any more. What if the same thing happened again? I missed the social interaction with my friends and experiencing new places.

Who could I talk to about this? My buddies were out of the question. A friend from work? I don't think so. My son leads a busy life, and this didn't seem like a big enough issue to bother him with. And I wouldn't really know how to bring it up.

But I realized I had to do something. So I started to search the internet. I came across a site where they were talking about using "protection" and it seemed like there were lots of different types of protectors that you could use. I never knew! I felt like I had struck gold and ordered some from an online store. The best thing is that it worked!

Now I'm back to my old self. I always look up where the bathrooms are if I'm at a new place, and try to get seats nearby. And I'm wearing protective underwear, carrying an extra set with me in a bag. Better safe than sorry is the key here. The best thing is that when I'm there, I completely forget that I'm wearing them. They feel just like regular underwear and I can focus on important things. Like what drink I should order with my meal.

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