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TENA MEN Light Protective Guards - Level 1


Stay in control of urine leakage and light bladder weakness with TENA Men Absorbent Protector Level 1. Now thinner and still 100% as secure this pocket-sized absorbent product features a boosted Secure Absorption Zone that deals with leaks, odours and moisture. Its discreet, masculine design makes it so comfortable to wear, you might forget it’s there. At the office, gym or out socialising, wherever you are, the TENA Men Absorbent Protector Level 1 keeps you fresh and confident all day long.

•Boosted Secure absorption zone
•100% discreet
•Specially engineered for a man's body
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Additional Information

Boosted Secure absorption zone
Keeps you dry and protects against leaks thanks to boosted secure zone that locks in liquid efficiently.
100% discreet
Discreet with thin and light design
Specially engineered incontinence pad for a man's body
New masculine outer contour shape, soft side elastics creating a snug and secure fit and a cup shape making the protector discreet and comfortable to wear.
Adhesive fixation strip
Holds the protector in place so it fits securely and discreetly in the underpants
Odor control
Helps to prevent unwanted smells.
Individually wrapped
Masculine colored design enables discreet carrying and disposal.
Dermatologically tested
Material that is kind on the skin.

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