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Fearless Stories

People everywhere are living their lives fully thanks to the Fearless Protection™ of TENA®. Hear what they have to say.

Women's Stories

Hear how TENA products have changed the lives of women just like you.

TENA has helped me regain my independence.


Just returned from a 10 day bus tour. I used a TENA pad each day and had no accidents.

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Men's Stories

Find out how men feel more confident thanks to TENA.

This product is truly amazing. I no longer have to worry about a little accident ever again.


Having beat prostate cancer, I, like thousands of men, have incontinence as a result…The TENA pad for men is the best available product.

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Caregivers' Stories

You aren't alone. Hear from other caregivers who found Peace of Mind for themselves and their loved ones with TENA.

My mother used to wake me up 10 times a night because she was wet… Your underwear is really super absorbent… they have changed my life.


Having an elderly mother with bladder control problems is a challenge… with your products, she has no problem and lets us lead a more normal life.

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