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Autobuy & Save

The Newest Way to Purchase TENA


With TENA AutoBuy & Save, you can have your favorite TENA products delivered discreetly to your front door at the schedule of your choosing. It's simple! Registered TENA users can select what products they want delivered to their door and when the products should arrive and we'll take care of the rest. Each product delivered on a recurring basis will receive a 15% discount. All subscription orders over $50 will receive free shipping. You'll receive notifications before your products ship so you have complete control of your subscriptions. Read on to see how to start and manage your subscriptions.

Note: To purchase products via the TENA AutoBuy & Save program, customers MUST have a Registered TENA account with a valid email address. This is required to receive alerts and manage your subscriptions properly. To register for an account, click here.


STEP #1: Choose Your Product

Begin your subscription process by selecting the product you wish to add and choose the size and pack/case you want for discreet delivery.

STEP #2: Pick Your Delivery Frequency

Next, choose the AutoBuy & Save option below the one-time purchase selection and pick the frequency, quantity of product you want delivered and add it to your cart as you would any other purchase.

STEP #3: Check Out

Complete the checkout process as normal. When you review your product in the check out screen, you'll see the frequency, total, and your 15% discount applied. If everything is accurate, simply complete your order as usual.

STEP #4: Welcome to AutoBuy & Save!

It's that easy! You'll receive a welcome email announcing the beginning of your TENA AutoBuy & Save subscription. You'll receive a notification 10 days before each scheduled delivery. To continue receiving your product, you don't need to take any action.

Get Started! - TENA Autobuy & Save is available on all products!

You can start today! Find your favorite TENA products and follow the steps to receive them at your convenience.